Sep 22 2010

Study Skills – Welcome to the Jungle

Published by Stefanie Krüger

Welcome dear students to your first year at the university of Osnabrück. In order to give you an easy start and to awaken your interest for the broad field of literary and cultural studies the Study Skills course offers you all (or almost all) answers to first year standard questions and hopefully answers to questions beyond the standard.

Tasks: Every week you will find questions, statements, texts, and (as the category implies) tasks which will hopefully help you in your understanding of the various literary and cultural fields we will come across during our course. Every student is asked to take part in at least 5 blog tasks. Please remember that the blog tasks do not, on the one hand, require highly scientific answers, nor, on the other hand, are meant for your everyday blabbering. Try to give clear and logical answers to the questions. The most important thing is: If you use quotations from a text or any other source except your own mind (yes, the internet is not your mind and not free to use at your will), quote!!!!! If you do not know how to quote check the MLA or simply talk to me.

In other respects, have fun!!!!!

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