Oct 18 2010

Study Skills

Published by Peter Schneck

This is the online area for your study skills course – Welcome again!

You will find new tasks, questions, documents listed on a regular basis (mostly weekly) under the links below. You can also access these by using the links in menu in the second column on the right.

All students in the study skills seminar are asked to contribute at least three to five comments on these pages.

These are the official requirements, but I would encourage you to look at this workspace as your own, use it for extended discussion and exchange and also as a forum to ask questions, explanations, clarifications. You might even use it as a space for criticism and further debate on the issues addressed in our sessions.

And, finally, you may also use the comment box to contact me about anything related to the course.

Good Luck!

(Click on the links below to get to the session tasks!)

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